Join the 200 Club

What is the 200 club,  and how to join

The 200 Club was set up to help contribute to the yacht club's maintenance costs.  

Members are invited to contribute £36 per annum in return for which they stand to win big prizes.

Prizes equal to 60% of total subscriptions are returned as prizes and will typically be:

1st Prize:  £300    2nd Prize:  £200   3rd Prize: £100

Prizes are allocated at a quarterly draw, carried out in the Main Deck, generally on a Thursday or Friday evening.

The profit contributes to major expenses and improvements such as the renewal of the boilers.  

We enjoy our 140 year old clubhouse, but it does take a great deal of maintenance SO PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR CLUB AND JOIN THE 200 CLUB NOW!  YOU COULD BE THE NEXT WINNER!

To set up your annual standing order please contact:  Denise Morgan or Hayley Church in the office 02920 709233 or email