discover sailing at penarth yacht club


Discover Sailing


 AS part of the Royal Yachting Association (RYA)’s Discover and Rediscover Sailing Initiative. Penarth Yacht Club is running a Discover Sailing programme at the club for 2024.

This is aimed at encouraging people who have sailed previously and want to refresh or improve their skills, as well as those who have not sailed before but would like to try.

The sailing will be primarily in the RS Quest dinghies at the club, but we will also use RS Fevas and Toppers as the year progresses.

We will hold the next session on Thursday 9th May at 6 PM.


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For more details contact the secretary on 02920 709233 email


The Sailing Secretary Martyn Bromley at Sailing Enquiry

What You Need to Know

The sailing will be in open sailing dinghies, you will be exposed to the weather at sea. It is always colder than it looks, so think warm.

You will be taken out by an experienced sailor as skipper of the boat. The Quest dinghies can take up to four people comfortably.

You need either dinghy sailing gear or warm but old clothes, sweaters etc and something like an old kagoul to keep the wind out. Old trainers that you don't mind getting wet You need a change of clothing as you will get wet, bring a towel as there are hot showers at the Club.

You are likely to get at least you feet wet during launching and recovery of the boat

If you get cold whilst sailing, do tell your skipper straight away, we don’t want you to suffer in silence.

If you suffer from any ailment or disability which might affect you in any way whilst sailing, please let us know when you apply, or if it is of a temporary nature, let us know before you go afloat. We can then deal with any problem which might arise.

You should be able to swim 25 meters and feel comfortable in the water.

You must always wear a buoyancy aid when afloat. The Club has a selection that you can use for the first weeks of the season, but if you take to sailing, we expect you to buy your own. We can advise you on this.

We do not provide formal training for sailing qualifications. We can advise how these can be obtained if you are interested once yo decide you like sailing.

The Club cannot accept any liability for personal injury or loss either afloat or ashore whilst you are attending.